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Space21 launched in 2011.  The business was born from an unexpected coincidence when the founder, Dave Jack (aka me) found himself needing to find a different career path having suffered an injury at work.  Training in photography was something which had always been a bit of a dream, but 'thanks' to injury (which is now fully resolved thankfully) it became a reality.

As with a lot of photography businesses, the portfolio was built on family portraits, the odd wedding, a few events and a decent amount of work for local small businesses.  But again a happy coincidence led to the evolution of the business into it's next phase - specialising in automotive photography.  It came about from Dave being an avid car fan himself with a particular appreciation for automotive design.  He started to shoot cars for friends initially, then, thanks to Dave's connections in the motor world he quickly found himself being asked to work in the automotive commercial field working with the likes of McLaren Glasgow, Supercar Drivedays and Spotless Detailing to name a few.

Working with more and more commercial clients saw the demand come from a number of different sectors including retail, construction, food and beverage and hotels.  It was at this stage the business entered the next stage of evolution - media.  With the addition of Dave's wife Sharon to the team, with more than 20 years experience in brand and marketing, and her connections to a support network of talented creative freelancers we now work with, the portfolio of services has grown to include photography, videography, website design and build, social media content and graphic design.

Now we are a family run business which makes perfect sense to us, particularly when the name for the business was inspired by the third and final member of the Jack family, our son Sonny (21 is his birthday).


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