I feel very fortunate to be in a job where it takes me to some really amazing places.  When I was asked to shoot some promo shots for The SSE Hydro I was delighted to hear it would be at a Twin Atlantic gig.

The SSE Hydro Twin Atlantic gig by Space21 Photography & Media

This was Glasgow born Twin Atlantic's first time playing at The SSE Hydro.  

Makes perfect sense that they should play this venue which is heralded for the incredible acoustics that it offers. A great opportunity for a Scottish band to play in front of the 12,000 capacity that the venue holds.

One fan recalls in the video opposite seeing them only the year before playing a gig in Dunkeld for a tiny audience in comparison.

To be in the box with the band's family and friends to capture their opening songs was a once in a lifetime opportunity. While chatting to the parents in the box it was clear to see how proud they all were of their sons.  

I was a fan before, but seeing them play this awesome venue was truly spectacular!

It's a VIP thing!

I met loads of super happy fans at the event that had got there courtesy of SSE's Reward scheme.  They get 24 hours advance access to tickets for the venue, membership offers and the chance to win free tickets and upgrades at gigs and events.  Looks like these guys landed lucky.

The member lounges are really cool. One is themed Water and one is themed Wind and they both have really quirky edgy interior design to enjoy when you're there.

I have to admit - I was sold.  I joined at

Hopefully next time I'm there I'll get to relax and soak up all of the atmosphere.  But to be honest - I'll probably still have my camera with me.  I can't help it!

A design pleasure

The Architects behind The SSE Hydro were London-based Foster + Partners.

With an international reputation, Foster + Partners are responsible for breathtaking buildings such as Hong Kong’s Chep Lap Kok Airport, City Hall London, Hearst Tower New York, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, as well as the Bilbao Metro and the SEC’s own iconic SEC Armadillo.

Their designs here made for some interesting photo opportunities.  It's an incredible design with some really interesting features and textures running through the whole building.

It sits perfectly in it's surroundings with the Armadillo, The Clyde Arc (aka The Squinty Bridge), the infamous Stobocross crane, The Glasgow Tower and The Glasgow Science Centre as close neighbours.

The Glasgow docklands have and continue to see a fantastic regeneration happening.  Look forward to more design classics like it coming in the future.

So all in all ...

... a great job, a blinding gig, a new reward membership and loads of architectural design treats.  I love my job.

Thank you and goodnight.